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This traditional Polynesian beverage made from the Awa root is known to promote feelings of relaxation and well being.

  • Traditional Awa $3 single (4oz)
    $5 double (8oz)

    Add Strong Awa Boost +$2

  • Tanoa Bowl $20

    Add Strong Awa Boosted Bowl (40oz) $30

*We have a wide selection of retail items including Kra'tea, Awa & Vape Supplies!

Awa Na Bar

Specialty Awa

  • Hot Honey Awa $5

    Instant Awa blended with honey & cinnamon.

  • Chocolate Thunder $5

    Traditional Awa blended with Hot cocoa.

  • Awa Java $7

    Awa double in Special Island blend of Iced Coffee.

  • Sex on Awa $8

    Awa double, instant awa boost, vanilla & cinnamon in a frothy sweet cream.

  • Zombie $12

    Awa double, kra'tea boost

  • Dub Zombie $18

    Awa double, double Kra'tea boost.

  • Voodoo Chile $14

    Awa double, instant Awa boost, Yerba mate, Kra'tea boost, mango juice.

  • Godzilla $24

    (16oz) - Awa, double awa boost, double kra'tea boost.

Awa Na Bar

••• Awa Flavors •••

Flavor any Awa beverage at no extra charge.

French Vanilla *Coconut Creme *Chocolate Caramel *Sweet Cream *Cinnabon *Caramel Macchiato *Oreo *Reese's Peanut Butter *Hazelnut *Chai (non-dairy) *Coconut Milk Cream (non-dairy)


(8oz) $5 - (16oz) $10

White Kra-Tea - Highest Energy
Green Kra-Tea - High Energy
Red Kra-Tea - Low Energy

Kra'tea Soda

Fresh, delicious, bubbly Kra’tea Soda served cold on tap. Ask about our rotating flavors.

Green or Red Kra'tea Soda (8oz) $7
Green or Red Kra'tea Soda (16oz) $12

Awa Na Bar

••• Fresh Brewed Coffee •••

Its never too late for coffee! Enjoy our selection of fine coffee & tea served hot or cold anytime!

  • Coffee by the Cup $3
  • Coffee Pot $6
  • Cappuccino $3
  • Espresso $3
  • Nitro Cold Brew (12oz) $3.75

    (16oz) $5

••• Herbal Tea's •••

Cup $3 - Pot $6

Citron Green *Cocomint Green *Earl Grey Moonlight *Gunpowder Green *Jasmine Green *Mate Negro *Peach Oolong *Spiced Apple Chai *White Tropics

Berry Blast *Honeybush Vanilla *Honey Vanilla Chamomile *Mango Melange *Moroccan Mint *SleepyTime *Sweet & Spicy *Tension Tamer

Awa Na Kava Bar

••• Hookah •••

Our herbal sheesh a is nicotine free & packed with flavor so that everyone (18+) can enjoy.

  • Hookah Session $15
  • Shisha refill $5
  • Shisha Hookah Session $25

    Sheesha is a relaxing smoke session with a nice sweet aromatic flavor.

  • Shisha refill $10

Hookah Flavors

Banana *Birthday Cake *Blackberry Blueberry *Blueberry Bubblegum *Cherry Cinnamon Chai *Coffee *Double Apple *Grape *Green Apple *Guava *Honey Lemon Lime *Mango *Melon Mint Chocolate *Mixed Fruit *Orange Peach *Peppermint Candy *Pineapple Raspberry *Rose *Sour Apple Spearmint *Strawberry *Tangerine Twinkies *Watermelon *White& Red Grape

Awa Na Kava Bar

••• Kombucha •••

Served Cold. Ask which of our rotating flavors are available.

  • Fresh Kombucha on tap (16oz) $7
  • Bottled Kombucha $5

••• Specialty Additions •••

  • Iced Yerba Mate $3

    House-Made energizing tea from Argentina.

  • Maca Suma 7 Up $7

    House-Made tasty blend of potent energy increasing herbs for the ultimate pick-me-up.

••• Bottled & Canned •••

  • Bottled Water $1
  • Vitamin Water $3
  • Coconut Water $3
  • Lacroix $2

    Flavored Sparking water. Ask about our rotating flavors.

  • Canned Yerba Mate $5
  • Ginger Beer $3

Soda Cans $1.50

Coke * Diet Coke *Mountain Dew *Ginger Ale *Sprite *Dr. Pepper

••• Snacks •••

Got the munchies? Too relaxed to run out for food? No worries! We have a fine yet simple selection of snacks that pair well with Awa.

  • Coconut Popcorn $5

    Awa Na's World Famous House Made Coconut popcorn. Comes in huge bowl for sharing! ; )

  • Half Baked Brownzzz $6

    Delicious brownie w/nice dose of Awalactones for feeling of relaxation & calm.

  • Large Bag of Chips $6

    Ask bartender about our rotating selection.

  • Small Bag of Chips $1
  • Pita Chips $5

    Pairs well w/hummus! ; )

  • Hummus $5

    (10 oz.) Vegetable, Spicy, Garlic & Original.

  • Salsa $5

    (12 oz.) Hot, med, mild.

  • Candy $2

    We have an assortment of munchies. Ask your bartender about our rotating selection.

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